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Creme-TEX sauce systems

Das Team der MPF GmbH

Freshness and certified quality – at the highest level.


Our Creme-TEX sauce systems offer you a wide range of high-quality culinary products that are suited to both hot and cold preparation methods. After manufacturing, all our sauces offer deep-freeze and heat stability, and have an impressive creamy consistency as well as a delicately spicy aroma.

Hot preparation: For cooking in hot liquids such as water, cream, milk or various stocks, we can offer you the finest powdered sauce mixes. These simply need to be stirred into cold liquid and then heated up. The sauces can then be served straight away as an accompaniment to meat, poultry, fish and vegetable products.

Cold preparation: Our instant sauce compounds are easy to prepare: simply add the powder and homogenise in a cold liquid such as water, broth or milk. The high-quality sauce is then ready for combination with further ingredients.

Here are some examples of the sauces we can offer you for either hot or cold preparation: Velouté/béchamel (very light-coloured, seasoned base sauce with a gratin effect), jus/demiglace (dark, heavy sauces for roast pork and beef), various pasta sauces (e.g. carbonara, tomato, lasagne with a gratin effect), vegetable sauces (broccoli, asparagus, onion), curry sauces (fruity and spicy, a light yellow sauce with a subtle hint of curry), onion sauces (dark and spicy or light-coloured and mild), cheese sauces (light yellow, spicy with a dominant cheesy flavour and a gratin effect) and herb sauces (e.g. herb butter topping). 

Wheat-based texturisers for sauces and soups

Das Team der MPF GmbH

Natural thickening systems – Unicorn texturisers for sauces and soups


Wheat-based texturisers for sauces and soups are the speciality of our partner, Unicorn. What’s special about these products is their natural consistency and the fact that they taste as if they were homemade. High functionality, stable viscosity, low enzyme activity and co-emulsifying properties are all signs of the high quality and excellent preparation characteristics of the thickening systems.

A lot of Unicorn products also have the properties of instant products, meaning that they can be stirred into boiling liquids without forming lumps. This generally means that modified starches and hydrocolloids are not required. All Unicorn wheat texturisers are free of E numbers. As such, they can be labelled as “wheat flour” in keeping with the concept of “clean labelling” – a term with positive associations among consumers.