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Base products for a wide range of applications

As a provider of comprehensive solutions for the convenience industry, we have access to a variety of functional base products for a wide range of applications.

In order to offer our customers an additional service, we have added to our product range and now also offer many functional base products, which are dispatched directly from our warehouse near Paderborn. Prompt delivery with short delivery periods, batch-sized packaging (on request) and attractive pricing go without saying.

Pre-dust intermediates

For a lot of coated products, intermediates are used to optimise the crispiness, the functionality, the stability or the pick-up. The choice is made based on adhesion, granularity, absorption of moisture, the product surface, barrier function, mouthfeel and synergy with wet coatings or top coatings. You can choose between a range of various functional pre-dusts based on extruded, almost dust-free wheat flours, potato or wheat fibres, rusk or various maize products, each of which can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Thickening systems – texture components – roughage

Thickening components are used to stabilise a lot of food products such as mince products (rissoles, burgers, doner kebabs etc.), potato/vegetable mixtures and soups. In addition to standard breadcrumb coatings, MPF also offers a wide range of functional structure improvers. The functions performed by our products in this sector include better absorption of water/grease, a reduction in cooking loss and the addition of roughage. All our thickening components are free of chemical additives – in fact, some of them also are free of yeast – and are thus label-friendly.

Clear Coatings

To optimise crispiness, even after food has been kept warm for a long period, we offer clear coatings. These are clear, low-viscosity fluids that are applied to the surface of convenience products after the cooking process. Some of our clear coatings are seasoned, and ideal for fish, meat, poultry, vegetable and potato products like french fries.

Thermally and hydrothermally treated flours

The flour systems produced by our partner Unicorn, one of Europe’s leading grain corporations, are ideal for use as wet coatings. Unicorn flours have established a strong market position thanks to their extraordinary adhesion properties, their consistent cold viscosity, their extremely low microbiological test results and their guarantee of being “free of listeria”. Due to the double thermal treatment (grain and flour) of the flours used, modified starches often do not need to be added. Unicorn works constantly to develop new systems for use as wet coatings at its own technical centre in Weert.