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     Think innovative, act responsible – with passion and skills.    

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     Think innovative, act responsible – with passion and skills.    

Coatings and intermediates

Breadcrumb coatings

We can supply freshly baked breadcrumb coatings from our partner Ulmer Nahrungsmittel in a range of colours, flavours and granularities for any number of applications. We can deliver our products in a wide range of packaging completely tailored to your wishes in a range from 1 kg batches up to big-bags of 800 kg or even supply bulk deliveries for your silo storages. Our breadcrumbs are an excellent choice for the outer coating on fish and poultry products, cutlets, vegetables and mushrooms, as a topping, as a thickening agent for moulded fish and mince products, as a thickening agent for use in soups, as a textural component for filled pasta pockets and other pasta products, as an outer coating for various cheese products and as a carrier for seasonings and aromas.

Innovative mixed coatings

Together with customers and partners, we are constantly working on developing and implementing new mixed coatings in order to satisfy a wide range of market requirements. Many years of experience, creative ideas and implementation expertise have provided innovative solutions for the highest level of food enjoyment. Here are a few examples from our range of mixed coatings: Tex-Mex with hot spices and mini-taco triangles; South American Quinoa Breader; potato coatings; lemon pepper coatings; herb coatings; Asian coatings and a lot more.

Special coatings

Your individual requirements need our individual solutions. That is why we offer you a comprehensive selection of special coatings. This include a breadcrumb coating baked with olive oil, ciabatta- or focaccia-style coatings, “Japanese crumb” coatings, various organic breadcrumb and wet coatings as well as an oven breadcrumb coating patented by MPF that renders deep-frying beforehand unnecessary, results in approximately 60% less fat in the final product and can be regenerated in a conventional or convection oven. We are sure to find a solution to satisfy your special requirements.

Pre-dust intermediates

For a lot of coated products, intermediates are used to optimise the crispiness, the functionality, the stability or the pick-up. The choice is made based on adhesion, granularity, absorption of moisture, the product surface, barrier function, mouthfeel and synergy with wet coatings or top coatings. You can choose between a range of various functional pre-dusts based on extruded, almost dust-free wheat flours, potato or wheat fibres, rusk or various maize products, each of which can be adapted to your specific requirements.