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We-TEX wet coating systems

Wet coatings

We-TEX: Our “We-TEX” wet coating systems function as an adhesive element between the product to be coated and the outer coating itself or, in the case of double coatings, between the two layers of breadcrumbs. We-TEX wet coatings are excellent for cutlets, poultry, vegetables, cheese and fish products, and what’s special about them is their standardised viscosity, outstanding adhesion, the distinct crispiness of the final product and their optimum stability. Cold viscosity – which is responsible for such properties as pick-up – is determined individually according to your taste, as are the seasoning and salt content. We can offer you the right batter system for your requirements. We-TEX wet coatings are also available in organic quality, gluten-free or as “clean labelling” products without chemical additives.

Tempura and batters

Back-TEX: Batter and tempura systems are very popular as an outer coating, and have been developed by MPF in a wide range of variations – from thin, crispy tempura batter with various seasoning to compact batters for fish, poultry or vegetables. Special types of flour also allow for very light-coloured tempura - perfect for Asian finger food. MPF’s batter and tempura systems are set to the correct viscosity, colour and leavening required to produce the desired pick-up. The crispiness, mouthfeel and sensory properties are modified in collaboration with the customer, and the interaction between the wet coating, the pre-dust and the tempura system is also discussed.