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     Think innovative, act responsible – with passion and skills.    

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     Think innovative, act responsible – with passion and skills.    

Data protection explanation

Data protection

The use of our web page is possible as arule without information of personal data.As far as on our sides personal data (forexample, name, address or emailaddresses) are raised, this occurs, so farpossibly, always on voluntary base. Thesedata are not transmitted without yourexplicit approval into three parts.
We point out to the fact that the datatransfer can show security gaps on theInternet (e. g. , with the communication bye-mail). A complete protection of the databefore the access by third is not possible.
Herewith of the use of contact datapublished within the scope of the imprintduty by third for the sending of notexpressly requested advertisement andinformation is expressly contradicted. Theoperators of the sides expressly reservethemselves juridical steps in case of theunsolicited sending of advertisinginformation, possibly by Spam mails.


Data protection explanation of the use ofFacebook-Plugins (Like badge)

On our sides Plugins of the social networkFacebook (Facebook Inc, in 1601 WillowRoad, Menlo park, California, 94025, theUSA) are integrated. You recognise theFacebook-Plugins by the Facebook logo orthe "Like badge" ("Likes to me") on ourside. You find an overview of the Facebook-Plugins here: http://developers. / docs/plugins/.
If you visit our sides, a direct connection isproduced about the Plugin between yourbrowser and the Facebook server.Facebook thereby receives the informationthat you have visited our side with your IPaddress. If you the Facebook "Like badge"click during you in your Facebook accountare logged in, are able to do the contentsof our sides on your Facebook profileverlinken. Facebook can thereby assign thevisit of our sides to your account. We pointout to the fact that we receive noknowledge from the contents of thetransmitted data as well as their use byFacebook as a supplier of the sides.Moreover you find further information inthe data protection explanation fromfacebook under http://de-de. / policy. php
If you do not wish that Facebook can assignthe visit of our sides to your Facebook-user's account, log off please from yourFacebook account.


Data protection explanation of the use ofGoogle +1

Capture and passing on of information:
With the help of the Google +1 button youcan publish information worldwide. Aboutthe Google +1 button you and otherusers receive personalised contents fromGoogle and our partners. Google stores theinformation that you have given forcontents +1, as well as information aboutthe side at which you have looked with theclick on +1. Theirs +1 can be faded in astips together with your profile name andyour photo in Google services, as forexample in searching results or in yourGoogle profile, or at other places onwebsites and announcements on theInternet.
Google tapes information about your +1activities to improve the Google servicesfor you and others. To be able to use theGoogle +1 button, need a worldwidevisible, public Google profile which mustcontain at least the name elective for theprofile. This name is used in all Googleservices. In some cases this name can alsosubstitute for another name which youhave used with the part of contents aboutyour Google account. The identity of yourGoogle profile can be indicated users whoknow your e-mail address or dispose ofother identifying information of you.
Use of the grasped information:
Beside the intended purposes explained ontop the information provided by you isused according to the valid Google-dataprotection regulations. Google possiblypublishes summarised statistics about the+1 activities of the users or transmits thisto user and partner, as for examplePublisher, advertisers or linked websites.


Data protection explanation of the use of Twitter

On our sides functions of the serviceTwitter are integrated. These functions areoffered by the Twitter Inc, Twitter, Inc 1355Market Saint, suite 900, San Francisco,APPROX. 94103, the USA. The web pagesvisited by you with your Twitter account aretied together by using of Twitter and thefunction "Re-Tweet" and are announced toother users. Besides, data will also transferin Twitter.
We point out to the fact that we receive noknowledge from the contents of thetransmitted data as well as their use byTwitter as a supplier of the sides. Moreoveryou find further information in the dataprotection explanation of Twitter underhttp://twitter. com / privacy.
You can change their data protectionsettings with Twitter in the accountsettings under http://twitter. com /account / settings.